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Voodoo Globe Icons

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Icons and other digital art by eftsoons

Please credit. Do not alter unless permission is granted. Icons are for the taking unless otherwise specified.

Feel free to friend, nom, etc. Just comment first! What's the good in nominating my work if I don't get to know about it? Noms are LOVE!

I care about credit A LOT but I care about comments more. Even if you're not taking any, let me know what you think. Constructive criticism helps me improve!

Requests & FAQ


How to Upload Userpics and Credit:
1. Go to http://www.livejournal.com/editpics.bml
2. Upload the picture from your computer.
3. Describe the icon (so you'll be able to pick it out when you're posting entries later) and put the iconmaker's username in keywords as well. This is referred to as "crediting in keywords."

4. You can ALSO credit the iconmaker in the description (comment) as I did in the example above, but most people (myself included) care more about keywords (It's required in my case. I will hound you until you cite your source. It's stealing to pass it off as your own work). They appear when you scroll over an icon in comment threads so those who read your journal know who made the icon.
5. It looks like this when you submit the icon. You can later edit the comment and keywords, make the icon your default, etc. in this area.

6. When anyone looks at your All Userpics page (see mine for example), they'll see both keyword and comment. There is a link to this page on every journal's profile under the default icon in the top right corner.